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Human Resources – Backbone of an Organization

Human Resource is the back bone of a company which functions to hire talented employees, manage available resources and use them for the benefits of a management. If an organization is seeking good growth and development of business, then the first advice is to make the HR strong because an efficient HR can only have the brilliant hold over the all departments and can generate creative policies for the betterment of the management.

However, by having a look at the successful companies, HR of these companies is very strong and is able to manage a good control on staff and resources by taking care of employee growth, ethical strategies and core values of the management. To make Human Resources efficient, a management must pay attention towards the candidate’s capabilities that are being hired for this section as they are responsible for urgent tasks in future.

If the staff is with the HR department, the company will lead towards profit automatically. Human resource acts as a link between management and all departments. The main function of HR department is to interact with each worker in order to improve their working condition and to increase per person benefit. For this, the department suggests name of workers to management and then conduct the training program for them and sometimes seminars are also being organized to spread awareness about certain diseases and health programs. Hence, active Human Resource is a valuable asset of an organization.

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Importance of Human Resources

Human Resource is defined as those set of individuals who work for an organization and consist of work force of a particular company or management. Human resource is an essential term which gives its services to an organization in terms of effective policies, employee recruitment and to manage the overall important job responsibilities. Human resource is also abbreviated as HR. It is also termed as “scientific management”.

Like other departments, Human resources work in a department which is named as Human Resources Department. The role of this department is to maintain healthy relationship between employees and management. So, it conveys important instructions and changes, as told by the senior authorities. They prepare job profiles, job descriptions and job responsibilities for every appointment including salary, tenure and operating procedures etc.

Human resource has become a requirement for today’s management system. It is not easy to command set up of official departments. So to control the strength of employees and educate them with certain legal and professional demands, human resource works as a bridge between management and employee culture. Human Resources play an important role to corporate with a range of co- workers by using available resources. Hence, HR helps in cohesion of the workers to promote the desired layout of departments. Hence, without an HR department, no organization is complete.

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Effective Working of Human Resources

Human Resource is described as the collaboration, networking and sharing of resources. The world of human resources is vast. Human resource is very active in playing an important role in preparing strategies as per the requirement of an organization and implementing them effectively to keep all departmental sections in working order. Hence, HR follows the “system theory” to co ordinate with each and every employee and track the hierarchy system from top to bottom.

In Human Resources Department, each individual is qualified as per specified qualifications and works under the senior most appointment to accomplish the goals and achieve the levels as per management’s satisfaction. HR works to distinct the terms & conditions and course of actions for each department as decided by the management. HR is equally committed regarding the welfare and needs of the workers and staff.

Due to the significance support and advices to the line management in terms of different resources, HR has involvement in each section of an organization. Here resources can be explained as the material required, machineries involved and financial resources. All the sections of a company work within pre-defined limits and boundaries. HR has become the vital requirement of every management whether it is huge, medium and small sized. Therefore, efficient Human Recourse is the key of success for today’s administration.

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Support System of Human Resources

Human Resource is a support system to an organization which is responsible for personnel expansion of hiring and sourcing along with organization’s growth to serve the management with brilliant results in terms of benefits and enhancement of the business. Human resource pays attention to the legal issues of a company and employee related major issues. HR operates within an organization by regularly updating the fresh status of implemented course of actions.

Human resource plays an important role in auditing, action plans, inventory and forecasting as well. In an organization, the work is divided among the departments as per their involvement, like; sales section is responsible for generating good business. So such works comes under HR and these are necessary for an organization’s expansion. If the HR is not efficient, then the management will not be able to achieve the targeted goals.

Undoubtedly, Human Resource has become the fundamental part of a management. Different types of managements set up their HR departments with several strategies and ethics to work in a desired format. The framework of HR department varies as per the type of industries, like; outsourcing HR is suitable for PEOs and BPOs and whereas finance firms and sales marketing associations set up their own HR to work effectively on available resource. Thus, efficient Human Resource leads an industry towards success.

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