Monday, 7 June 2010

Support System of Human Resources

Human Resource is a support system to an organization which is responsible for personnel expansion of hiring and sourcing along with organization’s growth to serve the management with brilliant results in terms of benefits and enhancement of the business. Human resource pays attention to the legal issues of a company and employee related major issues. HR operates within an organization by regularly updating the fresh status of implemented course of actions.

Human resource plays an important role in auditing, action plans, inventory and forecasting as well. In an organization, the work is divided among the departments as per their involvement, like; sales section is responsible for generating good business. So such works comes under HR and these are necessary for an organization’s expansion. If the HR is not efficient, then the management will not be able to achieve the targeted goals.

Undoubtedly, Human Resource has become the fundamental part of a management. Different types of managements set up their HR departments with several strategies and ethics to work in a desired format. The framework of HR department varies as per the type of industries, like; outsourcing HR is suitable for PEOs and BPOs and whereas finance firms and sales marketing associations set up their own HR to work effectively on available resource. Thus, efficient Human Resource leads an industry towards success.

H R Job Descriptions


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