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HR Generalist Job Requirements


  • Oversee and manage all human resource activities such as employment, labor relations, compensations, benefits and training.
  • Screen, interview, evaluate and recommend applicants
  • File applicant and employee records
  • Develop and maintain relationships with recruitment sources
  • Prepare the company’s salary structure, salary survey questionnaires and payroll
  • Prepare employee orientations, trainings and seminars to new and ongoing employees
  • Disclose to employees the benefits, compensation and employment terms
  • Prepare recruitment, HR Resume Templates and interview schedules with prospect applicants and the HR head or division head

Knowledge and Skill Requirements

  • Minimum requirement of a high school diploma or the equivalent
  • Bachelor’s degree and minimum of three years of HR experience
  • Basic skills in reading, writing and computing
  • Strong interpersonal, communications and social skills
  • Knowledge of human resource laws and policies
  • Ability to analyze data and provide sound recommendations
  • Professional appearance that projects the company image

HR Consultant Education Requirements

Human Resources Consultants work for companies to give advice and suggestions in order to strengthen the work force. They are also responsible for analyzing and reviewing policies that affect the staff and the management. The HR department consults with these professionals with regards to issues in employment policies, standards and other hiring concerns that need attention. An HR Consultant must be someone who is properly trained to handle people. Some educational requirements for this profession are the following:

Hr Education Requirements

  • A bachelor’s degree with a specialization in organizational development, human resources management, or human resources administration is a basic requirement.
  • A master’s qualification or a master’s degree in human resources, business administration, or labor relations may be required for some higher consultancy positions.
  • Courses on labor history, labor economics, contract negotiating, industrial relations, business management and the like together with trainings will help give an edge to aspiring applicants.

Recruitment Specialist Responsibilities

Recruitment specialists match job seekers with the appropriate job openings with employers according to their eligibility. They usually work for companies and are tasked to go ever the resum├ęs and screen for qualified applicants. Other job responsibilities include:

Resume Templates

  • Checking job references to determine the best qualified applicants among the line-up
  • Administering tests and initial screening procedures
  • Mastering all company benefits, rules, employment regulations, and different employee benefits offered by the state and the company
  • Travelling to find applicants through job fairs and college or university affiliates
  • Offering jobs to prospect applicants and recommending applicants to hiring managers
  • Organizing trainings and seminars for empowerment of different types of employees
  • Providing current recruitment knowledge for fast recruitment processes inside and outside the company
  • Assisting the Human Resources Manager to deliver recruitment needs and other jobs that may arise from any situation

Human Resource Specialist Duties

It is the duty of a human resource specialist to take care of applicants during and after the recruitment process. They may specialize in a certain area and some duties or handle several areas at one time. Some specialists’ duties also overlap with another depending on the situation.

  • Recruitment and employee placement is under this HR job duties. They seek out applicants and manage their screening process.
  • They design and administer employee benefit programs such as retirement plans, health insurance, employee loans and flexible spending accounts. They must be knowledgeable with these programs to be able to disseminate information to the employees especially to those newly hired.
  • Human resource specialists determine job titles, job descriptions and designate positions or classifications to employees.
  • They also prepare employee trainings like orientation for new employees and professional development for continuing employees.
  • They also act as liaisons between the company and the employees in resolving disputes, grievances and contract negotiation.

Employment Verification Letter Example

US Department of Homeland Security

US Citizenship & Immigration Services

Nebraska Service Office

850 S Street, P.O. Box 87140

Lincoln, Nebraska 68501-7140

RE: Verification of employment and offer of permanent employment

Cornell University at New York

Dear Sir or Madam:

This letter is written to confirm that Ms. Samantha Plaid is currently employed as an Assistant Professor at the Office of Undergraduate Biology at the Cornell University at an annual salary of $ 30,000 paid through the university payroll.

This position she is offered is a tenure-track position. Therefore, the offer of employment to Ms. Samantha Plaid is of indefinite duration. The said position is that of which there is good expectation of continuing employment.

If Ms. Samantha Plaid is granted permanent residence then it is my intention to employ her in this capacity.

Should you have any questions or need further information, please contact me.


Gregory Burns

Cornell University Dean