Thursday, 15 July 2010

Human Resources-Job Duties An integral part of the management

Human Resource is a staff that organizes the management and implements its resources to operate them in an effective manner, including job duties of all the employees. HR deals with a particular management and controls its financial and material resources to put them according to the plans of the organization. Human Resource is found in every firm, factory, company and industry irrespective whether these groups deal in engineering goods, pharmaceuticals, trades, consultancies or others.

An active Human resources department represents the overview of a growing company. HR seeks to achieve assigned targets by recruiting skilled, well qualified and experienced employees to increase the man power which further leads the company towards success and benefits. HR is concerned about the workers as well, with well equipped policies to take care of their rights. Human resource is committed towards planned and ethical control of the management.

Human resource works for the expansion of human capital in terms of spreading awareness for the health of employees, training & required education and ensures the growth of the personality of an individual. So it is basically a process to balance between the learning and training of an employee as the management spends huge amount on the training programs to undertake these highly beneficial plans. So the importance of Human resource is increasing day by day. Thus, Human Resource has become a necessity for every business.


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