Saturday, 4 December 2010

Human Resource Specialist Duties

It is the duty of a human resource specialist to take care of applicants during and after the recruitment process. They may specialize in a certain area and some duties or handle several areas at one time. Some specialists’ duties also overlap with another depending on the situation.

  • Recruitment and employee placement is under this HR job duties. They seek out applicants and manage their screening process.
  • They design and administer employee benefit programs such as retirement plans, health insurance, employee loans and flexible spending accounts. They must be knowledgeable with these programs to be able to disseminate information to the employees especially to those newly hired.
  • Human resource specialists determine job titles, job descriptions and designate positions or classifications to employees.
  • They also prepare employee trainings like orientation for new employees and professional development for continuing employees.
  • They also act as liaisons between the company and the employees in resolving disputes, grievances and contract negotiation.

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