Saturday, 4 December 2010

Recruitment Specialist Responsibilities

Recruitment specialists match job seekers with the appropriate job openings with employers according to their eligibility. They usually work for companies and are tasked to go ever the resum├ęs and screen for qualified applicants. Other job responsibilities include:

Resume Templates

  • Checking job references to determine the best qualified applicants among the line-up
  • Administering tests and initial screening procedures
  • Mastering all company benefits, rules, employment regulations, and different employee benefits offered by the state and the company
  • Travelling to find applicants through job fairs and college or university affiliates
  • Offering jobs to prospect applicants and recommending applicants to hiring managers
  • Organizing trainings and seminars for empowerment of different types of employees
  • Providing current recruitment knowledge for fast recruitment processes inside and outside the company
  • Assisting the Human Resources Manager to deliver recruitment needs and other jobs that may arise from any situation

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